What does your Afro Vision sound like?

Titilope Adesanya

Ours sounds something like joy.

Think of a bridge between the nostalgic sounds and stories some of us grew up with and the new wavelength on which most of Africa’s sleekest talents are threading…yep that unexpected sound of joy is what our ‘Afro Vision‘ sounds like.

In truth, that’s what Muzi’s Afro Vision sounds like but we can safely say we share that vision with him.

Yesterday the 10th of May, we joined a good number of music lovers at The Bioscope in Maboneng, downtown Johannesburg for his album launch and boy were we in for a show.

Asides getting a chance before most of the rest of the world, to listen first hand to his intensely felt and terribly realistic collection of work, we got the most beautiful surprise in the realisation that the album ‘Afro Vision’ is only a tiny bit of what Muzi could very comfortably bless us with.

He played a song that didn’t make the album but the reaction from the crowd ensured that Muzi makes plans to release the apparent ‘Draft_Other_Version’ of Questions as a single on its own!

While this isn’t exactly a review of the album, we can tell you this; you should be immensely pleased with the fluidity of his arrangement, the depth of his ability to reflect himself unto his work and of course the colourful effects from every collaboration including Chocolate Dreams with Una Rams & Seaba, Nu Day with Okmalumkoolkat, Best Friend with Langa Mavuso amongst others…


Afro Vision is available on all digital music platforms so do best folks and maybe soon enough we can get the man of this moment to sit with us…

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