…”You are wavy but do you own the boat?”… Let M.anifest preach!

-Titilope Adesanya

This Ghanaian style conscious wordsmith; M.anifest raps on a couple different issues in this carefully thought out 4min piece of urban hip-hop art!

M.anifest _ Azumah Nelson

I won’t go on and tell you my favourite parts from this track because we’ll just end up with me copying and pasting the entire lyrics here and no one wants that.

M.anifest went from throwing subtle shades, to talking hard truths; touching on the infamous “structures” that make it expensively difficult to break into the music market, using a viral award speech made by South African rapper Riky Rick at the Metro FM awards in 2017 which basically called out the so-called gatekeepers, he drives home his point in the last few seconds.

The track which is in honor of living legend Azumah Nelson; Ghanaian-born, worldwide champion, in my mind’s eye, uses Nelson’s story to tell that of M.anifests’; a story of beating the odds, paying very little mind to what the norm might be and simply pushing on, strongly understanding ones worth!

It would seem M.anifest found a kindred spirit in Makere Thekiso who not only directed the video for this – which the stares the living legend Azumah Nelson himself, but also that of Be My Woman ft. Mi Casa which has now just got 4x nominations at the International Fashion Film Awards in L.A.

I say take a sec, and press play! No ways you don’t play it again.

Except of course you are just not down, to which I would say… watch it again!

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