Phaeway; A written reaction!


Hear me out, no, hear him out. Follow the music, there’s a storyline. Am I overthinking it? I don’t think so. I think there’s a storyline. Okay let’s imagine Phaemous’ recently released debut EP ‘PHÆWAY Vol. 1’ was a storybook, or a movie script and we are reacting to each chapter out loud. Well, I am. Just follow the storyline. Some of you might relate because the project explores the realities of young people in relationships these days. 

It starts out as the story of someone needy and desperate for love, in the first chapter. Errr, maybe not so desperate. But why is he Running around if he’s not desperate? Okay! moving on… Then the plot thickens. hmmm, Violets… Is he buying flowers now? Hold on! heartbreak? Now now?? Wow! Women are scum. Why did you raise your eyebrows at me? I said what I said. No I’m not on your side, men. I just feel for this guy, he’s been through it. I really hope he heals and finds love in the next chapter. Wait a minute! Who’s exploring whose body now? Wasn’t he just sad and heartbroken? Men move on too quickly. How do you go from being a ghost of your own past to releasing Endorphins? Why do you people like coitus like this? You! yes I’m talking to you.  Do not be distracted, brethren, the story continues.

There’s another man in the story now, and it seems as though they might be going away from the whole drama to somewhere called Island Pink? Whatttt? sex again? the PsychoYP guy is even bragging. Small heartbreak and you people will decide to go on hoe phase. Ooh wait, he’s talking about being in his bag and moving silently while at it, that’s probably not so bad. Although I sense a hint of that heartbreak in there somewhere, masked behind all that braggadocio. Hopefully he tries to go on a healing journey in the next chapter instead of going back to the woman that hurt him. What did I say? He has gone back to this woman again. This man cannot be helped. You are quite aware that the love is Forbidden but you want to go away with her? Don’t you care about your mental health? Won’t be surprised to find out that the next chapter of this story is about sex again. It’s really hard to advise people that are in love.

Aaaand I called it! He even brought yet another man into the story, just take a look at them, going on and on about going Below. Let’s just get this over with, he probably plans to get married to her in the last chapter. Now that took a surprising turn, My man finally awakens from his slumber towards the end of the story. Baby girl, we are not doing again. Okay??? Her name is probably Eve because what’s all that temptation and torture? Whew! Man really went from desperately craving love to eventually being Wise after going through a weird heartbreak disguised as a hoe phase. Yeah, this is definitely the reality of a lot of people in our generation today. I wonder what his story will be, in ‘PHÆWAY Vol. 2’ because now we want a sequel. 


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