They say a picture is worth a thousand words, Dremo is telling a captivating story with a series of pictures and I am here for it. In his new online series ‘Perfect Picture’, he walks us through a night in the life of a typical young Nigerian man whose plan to have a good time gets ruined with each turn of uncomfortable events. Dremo is an excellent storyteller, weaving his words in impeccable flow schemes with his unmatched breath control, and he came correct as always on ‘Perfect Picture’.

The Nigerian rap scence in recent times has witnessed a lot more exciting music and visual pieces, with rappers being intentional and extra creative with their content roll out. In 2019, Magnito’s rap series ‘Relationships be like’ caught our attention and has continued to get even more exciting with each new episode. Dremo is one of those who have undergone the development phase and has now consistently made an effort to be more creative and entertaining in content creation, building a comic alterum for himself in the form of ‘Yakiru’, a name coined from his popular adlib ‘Yak!’.

In the Perfect Picture series, he introduces a new character called ‘Dayanmo’, a young man who is just trying to have a good time. His creative storytelling skills are met with an interesting visual representation of each scene as we see him play every character in the series, only introducing Yakiru and his DMW label mate Idowest in the 6th episode, unlike in Magnito’s series where the artiste gets different celebs and actors to play other characters. 

The story starts as a typical day in Dayanmo’s life, we see him make plans to have a fun night with his friend and three hot girls but everything starts to go downhill from the moment he gets dressed. A series of events occurred during the course of the night, ruining his plans. These relatable occurrences and his impeccable storytelling are what kept me glued to the screen till the end of each one-minute episode.

He looses his car keys, he’s blocked on the ride hailing app, his friend manages to call him one, but as his luck streak would have it, he gets a terrible driver and is forced to endure an incredibly frustrating and dangerous ride just to go “get some”. The “some”? well, she turned out to be his girlfriend’s best friend, so that went bust. (You’re surprised he has a girlfriend? That is a typical Lagos man. What did you expect?). The night only got worse with each ‘Perfect Picture’…

As always, Dremo matches his lyrical prowess with his ability to deliver catchy hooks as he reiterates the theme of the entire series in the hook ‘wanna capture every moment of my life, every picture tells a story..’ Rumor has it that the Perfect Picture series is a build up to his next EP but a little birdie told me that it is a roll out strategy for his next single. Dremo is telling an interesting and relatable story that will resonate with a large number of Nigerian youths and I’m pumped to see how the reception will be for him. I hope he gets the attention that he deserves with this series because it is about time people woke up and started giving him his flowers for being one of the best rappers in the Nigerian Hip Hop scene at the moment. I consider this to be a fact and I am sure most people know this, but nobody is talking about it enough. 


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