PSST! NEW STUFF: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol. 7


We’ve picked out music that perfectly sums up our lifestyle as young Africans and the power we wield, blended with groovy directives on living and chopping life on your own terms. You should listen to these artists.

Alewya – Ethiopia (ETH)

Off her freshly released EP ‘The Panther In Mode’, Saudi Arabia-born, London-based musician and visual artist, Alewya celebrates her Ethiopian heritage with a euphoric new single ‘Ethiopia’. Merging the electrifying nuances of London club music with rhythms and drums of her Ethiopian ancestry, the powerful track highlights Alewya’s exceptional vocals over a vibrant sound scape as she ekes out lush lyrics about the power she wields as an East African.

Ronehi – Galactic ft MOJO AF (NG)

This track is everything you would expect of a Ronehi and MOJO joint—a groovy directive on how to live a stress-free life. On this uptempo track, Nigerian producer Ronehi delves into the amapiano space, using soft chords over heavy drums and bass to create a realm that encourages listeners to tap into their own galactic frequency. MOJO delivers the message of the song with a smooth blend of Yoruba and English, reminding listeners of how he continues to chop life.

Bryan The Mensah – Life Is A Movie ft Black Sherif (GH)

Bryan The Mensah is staying in his lane and paying no mind to groupies, and we love it for him. Easily a favorite on his debut album ‘Road To Hastafari’, ‘Life Is A Movie’ features rave of the moment, Black Sherif and they both touch on navigating their newly found fame, insisting on sticking to their day ones amidst all the ungenuine people that come with their new lifestyle.

NSG – Only God Can Judge Me ft MIST (NG & GH)

Ahead of their upcoming EP ‘HEADLINER’, British Afro-swing collective NSG share a new single featuring Birmingham musician, MIST. The mid-tempo opens up with MIST threading assertive bars about the gangsta lifestyle and segues into the group’s diaristic narrative about the things that happen behind closed doors, carefully reiterating that no one has the moral high ground to judge others. The cinematic visuals follow on from NSG’s recent music videos and show MIST plotting and scheming on the group.

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