African Albums as Star Signs

I bet you didn’t know that star signs could be represented by Fire, Water, Air, Earth and more importantly, MUSIC!

We’ve painstakingly studied the elements of cosmology as they relate to music and you, and we added a spin to it by describing each element with an album.

What element are you and what album do you represent?

FIRE SIGNS (Bold, Intelligent, Passionate)

Are you bold, ambitious, challenging or passionate loyal and infamously dramatic or always on a quest for knowledge?

If your answer is yes to any of these then you are FIRE! you could be an Aries, and, Ayra Starr has the perfect album for you in “19 & dangerous”.

19 & Dangerous – Ayra Starr

This album exudes your youthfulness emphasizing how you like to take risks like a Bloody Samaritan. It tells us you enjoy testing the boundaries in Cast (Gen Z Anthem) and at the end of the day you always defy odds sometimes as a Fashion Killer other times as a Beggie Beggie.

Maybe you’re a Leo, Shekinah portrays your Passionate, loyal, and infamously dramatic self in her album “Rose Gold”. As she takes us Into the Jungle, where she suggests you know you will be Just Fine because you are properly Suited. She doesn’t fail to show us how sometimes you Overdose or feel Different. It comes with the territory.

Rose Gold – Shekinah

As a Sagittarius, Ko-Jo Cue has you described to the T, in the classic masterpiece “For My Brothers”. Each song, a testament to your endless quest for knowledge when you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, or joined Workaholics Anonymous and, battled Survivors Guilt.

For my Brothers – Ko-Jo Cue

AIR SIGNS (Spontaneous, Balanced, Dedicated)

Spontaneous, playful, and adorably erratic, largely driven by insatiable curiosity, or do you embody Balance?

If any of this is you, You are AIR!

You might be a Gemini and Tay Iwar`a timeless album “Gemini” effortlessly describes your Spontaneous nature in the lyrics of Fools. He portrays your playful self when he sings about Miracle Girl, and he celebrates your adorably erratic behavior in Its okay. All in all, he honors your insatiable curiosity when he sings Sugar Daddy.

Gemini – Tay Iwar

Maybe you’re a Libra, in which case you sound like every track on MHD`s “19”. Every lyric paints the picture of you trying to embody balance. Sometimes that looks like a Senseless thing or makes you say Oh la la. Either way, you enjoy the journey.

19 – MHD

As an Aquarius, you sound like the legendary Tobe Nwigwe in the masterpiece “CINCORIGINALS” Each track takes us on a journey with you trying to make the world a better place. Sometimes you look like a Father Figure, other times you’re telling The Truth, occasionally you are listening to Life Lessons from Amber Mama. The fact remains that you are never idle.

Cincoriginals – Tobe Nwigwe

EARTH SIGNS (Relaxing, Logical, Patient)

Logical, and systematic in your approach, patient and dedicated, or maybe enjoy relaxing in serene, bucolic environments surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavors.

Sounds like EARTH!

Worla: The Man and The God – Worlasi

You could be Virgo, represented by Worlasi who captures your fragrance in “Worla: The Man and The God”. He highlights your logical stance in the Chant, he depicts your practical approach to everything in 4 years, and in the end, he takes us on a tour of your mind in We all GO Die.

Midnight Train – Sauti Sol

Maybe you’re a Capricorn, patient, and dedicated enough to wait for the Midnight Train, while you count down to Brighter days. You are like the sounds and rhythms Sauti Sol creates in the legendary album “Midnight Train”.

Palmwine Music II – Show Dem Camp

Or are you Taurus? Characteristically enjoy relaxing in serene, bucolic environments surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavors. You sound like something straight out of Show Dem Camp’s Palmwine Music II because you are a Legend, sitting in The Garden always waiting For a Minute before making any decision.

WATER SIGNS (Intuitive, Mysterious, Empathic)

Haven’t found your element? It looks like you’re water!

You are either Elusive and mysterious, the most intuitive, sensitive, empathetic, or highly intuitive individual who manifests their psychic abilities in tangible spaces?

137 Avenue Kaniama – Baloji

You might be a Scorpio? Elusive and mysterious as the sounds in “137 Avenue Kaniama” by Baloji. You enjoy an Ensemble, you avoid the Spotlight and enjoy the beauties of Ciel d`encre.

Could you be Pieces? The most intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic individual yet! You enjoy Everything, you have High Hopes and your favorite day is Friday. You sound like you came straight out of “Small world” by the legendary Ricky Tyler.

Small World – Ricky Tyler

You are Cancer, a highly intuitive individual who manifests their psychic abilities in tangible spaces, You sound like the melodies on “Before We Fall Asleep” by Johny Drille. One of your favorite games is Ludo, you get lost in the rhythm when you are Driving in the rain.

Before We Fall Asleep – Johnny Drille

What element in music are you?

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