Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To


Hey hey, We’re back again with the usual dose of cool music from across Africa that we think you should check out if you haven’t already. In this edition, we bring sounds and individuals that reiterate the fact that Africa and Africans are extremely multifaceted.

Layzee Ella – Hypnotized  (NG)

Lazy Ella definitely holds much promise and I believe she does so with her unique style and identity which defies the norm on how women should present. She has continued to flourish since her debut single Sober which got people listening and talking. We know her for exhibiting dexterity with her transitions from reggae to dancehall or even afro beats.

Hypnotized is one song from her recently released 7-track EP titled ‘Feel Everything’, and in this song, she sings about the excitement that comes with matters between lovers. In this case, these feelings are running so deep it’s becoming hypnotic. If you like this one then be sure to check out the rest of the EP, you would love it!

Papa – Hubba ft  Anatu & Andrew Ace (KE)

This song stirs nostalgia for me, reminding me of the sounds and chants that can be heard from the stands during a football match. It combines Afro music with Latino rhythms, which Papa has undeniably mastered uniquely. The visuals radiate good vibes which seem pure between friends who in fact are gearing up for a football match. This song is wistful, and hopeful, and it personifies high spirits in a way that flows freely.

Lojay – Leader (NG)

If there’s one thing about Lojay. it’s that his vocals are spot on like no other, packed with passion and sensual vibes. The Monalisa crooner is back this time with another hit telling you he’s your leader. This one is groovy, featuring elements of drill to transport you safely to Loloverse; Lojay’s unique world. The visuals are equally captivating with a matrix theme, giving us style and action rolled into one. Enjoy.

MAUIMØON – Cherry Sweet ft La Soülchyld (UG)

This song feels like a hazy psychedelic dream with sounds transcending borders. The Ugandan singer/songwriter began his journey to fame after blowing up on SoundCloud and has since then transformed the R&B scene in underground spaces. This song is definitely an attempt to serenade a lover, a plea for a taste of sweetness and pleasure.

Lady Donli – Soft life (NG)

Lady Donli embodies the persona of a rockstar with a solid grasp on jazz music and the indie alternative subgenre. Since her debut album released in 2019 titled Enjoy your life which earned her the nickname Cash Madam and led her to refer to herself as the Cheerful Giver. Soft life is another jam for all lovers of enjoyment and it comes with a head feel sprinkled with the occasional chant “soft life, na soft life for me pass” and honestly that’s on period.

Sampa the Great – Bona (ZM)

Sampha the Great and the ways by which she expresses herself artistically through her music and her visuals is living proof of what it means to be radically African, breaking out of norms to show those parts of ourselves that are too edgy or those parts that prevent us from fully fitting in due to differing from the norm. According to Sampa, this song was written for young creatives who don’t quite fit in anywhere and end up having to create a home for each other. The song itself is just as electrifying with a goth theme and outfits which of course are complemented by Samoa’s audacious flow.

K.O.G – Shidaa (GH)

K.O.G also known as Kweku of Ghana describes himself as a storyteller and a poet. He successfully channels this energy into his music to produce a fierce performance spanning various vocal ranges and even rap occasionally. The passion with which K.O.G sings in this tugs at my heartstrings and seems to me like a plea for help and in the video this is represented by capturing the struggles of a mother and child in the face of poverty. All in all this song is a wicked groovy tune and in no time you’ll sing along.

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