Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To


New year, New you? This week we bring you songs to keep you grounded and help you navigate 2023. Each song, a testament to a human experience with direction on how you can handle the situation, and inspiration to reframe your 2023 regardless of what 2022 showed you. If you are not sure about 2023 yet, these songs will show you a way through. 

Libianca – People (CM)

Have you been drinking more alcohol in the past five days?  Cameroonian Singer, songwriter, and sound engineer Libianca has a song to help you decipher why that is. 

People, a carefully crafted ballad detailing how people can influence your choices, explores how she navigates anxiety and depression through her vices. The subtle and consistent thud of the drums pushes you deeper into the memories,  like a magic carpet her vocals transport you to a safe room with all your secrets, things that hold dear and never share. Now you can tie two and two together, and identify cause and effect for your recent actions.

People is a call to check on people because what we see isn’t all there is. A hit single with over 23 million streams since its release on December 6,2022 People comes highly recommended for an evening walk. 

Razaq El Toro – No Love Lust (NG)

Giving Esther Dean on Afrobeats with a hint of house vibes, No Love Lust, is a sample of Eko Electronic (Lagos Electronic), a genre of music that re-imagines Afrobeats in an electronic music space. It is part of the Ep “Lagos Loft” by music producer, and digital creative & DJ Razaq El Toro. 

This song is heavily inspired by native sounds from the homeland, electronic music programming, and global grooves. The hint of Igbo in the song highlights the fact that No Love Lust is a prayer, a prayer to keep you grounded, a call to be present and grateful for what is yours, not what is shiny. 

With hints of celestial sounds and consistent instrumental solos, the song has a depth that creates a path for you to follow, pause and tap into celestial energy. It is the perfect song to start your day, set the pace, and keep you grounded when the hustle and bustle of the day begins. 

Black Sherif – 45 (GH)

Off the recently released album “The Villain I never was”  45 is an anthem for picking yourself back up, trying, failing, trying again, and honoring the uniqueness of your journey. 

Don’t let anyone tell you how things go, experience it and find out for yourself that’s the best way to learn.   True to his nature Black Sherif conveys human experiences, emotions, and exclamations preparing you for the ups and downs of life. It is the perfect coming-of-age song to jam to in 2023 as you decide how you want life to go for you,

Qing Madi – See Finish (NG)

With powerful and crisp vocals Qing asks you “if you die tonight what do you gain?”, with simple production her vocals are the heart of the song conveying the message very clearly. If you’re an overthinker this song is for you, to help you question what you spend your time on in 2023. 

See Finish is definitely an anthem for evaluating what you’re spending time on. 

Indigo Stella – Grow Dat (SA)

A combination of orchestra, rap, and Salsa symphonies, Grow Dat is a musical anomaly, the third song from Return to the Sun EP by Indigo Stella.  

Grow Dat is a call to grow up and brave it through the storms you will face regardless of the path you walk on. The mash-up of different sounds creates a silky soothing melody and a strong contrast that draws you into the vivid images of a journey from a half laptop to the record deals, from being kids with dreams to people selling their souls for zeros.

Grow Dat is the perfect song to bring you to prepare for the unexpected on the journey you’re on. 

Bob Marley x Sarkodie – Stir It Up (GH)

Reggae meets Rap with the power collaboration from Bob Marley and Sarkodie, an interstellar remake of the timeless classic Stir Up. The juxtaposition of the original tempo and the speed by Sarkodie amps the flavor of the song and reminds you of the good old days.  

This 2023 remake provides nostalgia at its peak! It’s the perfect song for a break in the middle of your day to calm you down and pump you up at the same time. 

This powerful collaboration between the Caribbean and Africa carries the underlying message that there is power in collaboration. Produced by MOG, this version should be your anthem for 2023, it’s time to stir things up in your life! 

Jemberu Demeke – Yachima Tizita (ETH)

 A blend of country and soft rock created with African instruments, Yachima Tizita is an extremely groovy sound like the soundtrack of a fighting scene from a cowboy movie back in the day. Snarky and confident Ethiopian singer, songwriter Jemberu Demeke delivers the lyrics like an overconfident male capable of executing anything.

Yachima Tizita, is the perfect song for focus mode or to get your energy up in the middle of an early morning run, it mirrors the energy you should go into 2023 with!

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