Quick Questions with Alma Bronxi

– Oibiee

Alma Aboubakar Salum, alias Almah Bronxi, is a young entrepreneur in the entertainment industry who holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Tanzania’s Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam. She has worked with both national and international musicians, including, Patoranking (NG), Sauti Sol (KE), King98official (Zim), Maud Elka (Fr), Zlatan Ibile (NG), Barnaba (TZ), and Jux (TZ), to name a few.

With more than ten years of experience in the entertainment sector, she has a strong background in artist management, local and worldwide music distribution, media campaigns, and event planning, organizing, and coordination. Her professional career is a trip that she has traveled with passion, devotion, and hard work.

We are creating a comic book about the superheroes of the African music industry, describe your superpower as the CEO of a record label.

Super- Speed in Endurance, Resilience, and Strength to face any challenges thrown to my face. But I also have what’s so-called Super Ears, I cannot but notice the sound of great music even from afar, call me Super Ears.

Top three appliances you use in the morning?

  1. My Laptop and Phone
  2. Water Heater
  3. Kitchen Stove

Describe your utopia for the African Music industry in three sentences?

  1. The Global Recognition that the African Music Industry has gotten worldwide including award-winnings.
  2. Overwrap changes to our African Music Industry through the diversification of Cultures.

What’s your favourite way to spend a rainy day?

A cozy Sleep while listening to sweet African Jams.

What inspired the start of Bronxi entertainment? And what has the journey of building it been like? 

I have always dreamt of being in the Entertainment industry ever since I was young and every bit of sound has pushed me to learn more about Music as well as the Entertainment world in general. I must say, my biggest inspiration to start up Bronxi Entertainment was my love for music but also for seeing people achieve what they do best.

A roller-coaster of a lot of Ups and Downs that has helped mould me and Bronxi entertainment into who we are today. Despite it all, I have pushed through to greater success of it all.

In your own words what does success for a record label look like and where is Bronxi_Entertainment going as a company?

It definitely should have all the key components of being a record label such as being Independence in the proficiency of productions and distributions of all artists’ projects, but also a proper marketing strategy for all the artists’ projects. Without forgetting a good and skilled team for that particular label.

Bronxi Entertainment is moving miles through its diversification of working with artists outside EA. We are looking forward to bigger projects from bigger artists across Africa while ensuring great services and our clients’ high peak satisfaction with the success of their projects.

Your top three cities in Africa and your favourite meal to eat there?

  1. Zanzibar Island, Fried Grilled Octopus with Fries
  2. Johannesburg: A Xhosa Style Chicken Stew served with Mashed Potatoes
  3. Mauritius: A Mauritian Chicken Biryani

Your name is going in the hall of fame for people who impacted the music industry, what would your quote be?

“Your Dreams are Valid, Believe in them”

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