Psst! Cool Stuff : Femme Magique by T’neeya


This week, we present Femme Magique, a comprehensive selection of songs honoring the enchantment and power of women, handpicked by T’neeya. Every song is a woman’s experience expressed through a journey, a tale, or a prayer, validating feelings, expressing things we usually keep to ourselves, and offering advice on navigating life and love. The selections this week inspire you to adore women in your life or to embrace your own gender.

Mnelia – Say Yeah (GW)

Say Yeah is a cheerful, jovial, emotional, and honest song about wanting a genuine relationship rather than a difficult situationship. It is a cry for traditional love. Mnelia embraces female magic and female strength with confidence and without resentment. She encourages you to own your beauty and recognize the beauty you bring into the lives of that particular someone. You deserve commitment, Mnelia is reminding you, and you may express that without malice, rage, or violence.

Largely nostalgic the graphics and production transport you to the 1990s, a time when life was slower and people savored each moment more. Say Yeah is the ideal tune for a girl’s night out or a reflective afternoon.

T’neeya – Pretty Mind (CM)

Lonely girls need somebody. In Pretty Mind, T’neeya is speaking to all the girls who have forgotten what it’s like to be made to smile by someone since the world is so cold, and being vulnerable can leave you feeling burned. With her tranquil vocals on gentle production, she recreates the feeling that was forgotten. She reminds you that it is a beautiful feeling and the truth is your world is brighter when you smile so it might be a good idea to find someone with a pretty mind that you enjoy listening to. 

Ronisi – Mélodie (Tatami) (CV)

Love stories are addictive and can last a lifetime, but you must recognize the cycles and decide to stop unappealing behaviors. Ronisia serves as a gentle reminder that there are pushes and pulls in love and that you must maintain control and write your own Mélodie.

Aya Nakamura – Haut Niveau (ML)

Haut Niveau, an Afrobeat and R&B pop tune, makes a strong point. It’s hot, and the emotions are burning under your feet, but pace yourself, hold your heart and don’t rush into love. Slow down, darling. You are reminded by Aya Nakamura that love is a lot but demands patience and consideration; follow your heart but control it sensibly. a clear warning to take your love story slow.

T’neeya –  La La (CM)

Whispers of a woman in her feelings, La La is the beat of her heart because of him. T’neeya replicates the state of your heart when you’re in your feelings, she says all the things you wouldn’t dare say, she says everything you want to do but only dares to whisper because it sounds outrageous.  Calm, collected, and confident T’neeya has developed her own version of the blues with pidgin, somber vocals, and alternative sounds, its ethereal and fluid conveying her femininity and as she shares the journey of her heart going La La

Bellah – Evil Eye  (NG)

Heavy on religion and a mother’s love,  Bellah creatively crafts a prayer of protection against the one with the Evil Eye as she acknowledges that the world has cold streets and there are people walking around who need prayer as well. Bella reminds you that you need God and your mother’s prayer,  Evil Eye is a call to stay in the community because it is a huge part of your female magic and a reminder that the world isn’t all smiles but with the right backing you’ll be fine. 

An afro soul and R&B sound, Evil Eye is the perfect song for your lunch break or an evening stroll, and a reminder to say a prayer for somebody today. 

Emma’a – Encré (GABN)

Love is like poetry read whilst drinking wine, slow and steady you drown in words and get drunk on the wine at that point you can’t stop yourself, you’re in too deep. Emma’a sings of a love like this, a love that becomes a part of you, it’s inked on your skin. An afro soul love song perfect for a night at the beach.

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