Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

The second quarter got off to a fast start, and as the months went by, truth is a word that keeps popping up. The theme of this week’s amazing line-up is truth: the truth about things you don’t know, The truth you need to tell yourself and possibly someone else. Here are some cool tunes to listen to while you explore the truth as we bid April farewell. 

June Freedom x Eva Rose – Guava Rose  (CV)

Guava Rose, a mix of pop and salsa with a major emphasis on the bongos, makes you want to dance and gets your hips moving to a steady beat while creating the atmosphere of sweet, sweet love. An exchange of words evolved into a song. Hearing partners converse so subtly while alternating between English and a shared language is endearing, exhilarating, and fascinating.   When preparing supper or enjoying a favorite show, this tune is ideal for listening together.  

Odeal – Coffee (don’t read the signs) (NG) 

Love don’t have no shame o, Odeal requests that you be honest about your viewpoint because he doesn’t read signs. The strong drums in this RnB song highlight the confidence of the young man who is eager to take a risk but who will continue to beat about the bush until you declare what you want. This is a song for people dealing with an unsure potential lover, Odeal is showing you how to handle the situation, no beating around the bush type of love in 2023. 

Mannywellz – Magic (NG)

Mannywellz conveys love, desire, and passion in a playful and thrilling manner. His love song is a bright and bubbly sound, similar to a sonnet about a lover that keeps you spellbound. He conveys honesty in such a light manner that the weight of experiencing emotions is removed, creating an attraction to experiencing emotions. This song will give you the courage to express your emotions. The tune, which combines Afrobeats, r&b, and fuji, is ideal for an evening drive.

Lloyiso – Seasons (SA) 

Powerful, solemn, and sincere, Lloyiso explores heartache as he battles for a love he loves so much he bears the pain. He does this through dismal vocals that convey the burden of a heart. He examines the reasons why you would cling to hurtful love and finds that the fear of losing someone you like might be one of them. He also teaches you to realize that emotions and seasons vary, therefore you must take your heart and love it back to life. This allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This song will support you in getting past anything you’re hanging onto that hurts.  

Loui – Wet (TZ)

Loui draws you in as he serenades you and creates the environment to get you wet with yet another Afrobongo special mixed with sensually enticing masculine vocals. While maintaining a sense of comfort and security by reiterating industry staples like “womanly,” the continuous pulse of the drums heightens the stress he instills with his voice. The ideal music to start off a special someone is Wet.

Fameye – Don’t Know ft Qwamina Mp, Kofi Mole (GH)

Another powerful track by Famaeye. This song is an explanation of the facts of the life of a creative. Fameye teams up with Qwamina Mp and Kofi Mole to share what you don’t know about what they experience, bringing up the idea that some people think it’s juju. 

Like the afternoon breeze at the beach where the visualizer was created, the flow is calm and constant. The music is laid-back and ideal for the summer. 

Joeboy – Duffel Bag

What kind of a man do you desire? In Duffel Bag, starring Allyson, Joeboy demonstrates how a man who can treat you better behaves. This song has a fun, colorful, and straightforward vibe with easy-to-follow lyrics that are ideal for when lounging by the pool,. 

What cool song have you listened to recently? Tell us in the comment section!

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