For Independent Creatives: 5 African magazines to send your press kit to  

As an artist, good marketing practices and release structure go a long way in bringing your music to a larger audience. Sending your press kit to journalists and magazines before your release date is a marketing practice you should imbibe! 

What is a press kit? 

A press kit is a ready-made set of marketing materials that contains information about you as the artist and your work. It is sent to media representatives for use in marketing when a release is announced. 

Why should you send your songs to magazines? 

Press kits make it simple for journalists to find out about you and your music while also giving them access to images and promotional materials they can use to write a featured piece about you.

With an exceptional press kit, you catch a journalist’s eye and make them want to write a story or conduct an interview with you.

Magazines share your sound with wider audiences!  

Sending your press kit to magazines in different regions gives you access to those regions, don’t limit yourself or your art, you don’t know where your loyalist fans are lurking. 

5 African Magazines to send your Press Kit too

  • Tanganza 

The only magazine with a specialty, Tanganza is dedicated to preserving the music and culture of new-wave creatives from East Africa. So if you fit the criteria here’s a great gateway to some publicity within the region! With a dedicated artist-to-watch section, they have provided you a passageway to be featured, all you have to do is come prepared with the ultimate press kit and story! @TANGAZAMagazine

  • Digimillenials

The ideal platform that CELEBRATES, ELEVATES and AMPLIFIES Black Culture from AFRICA and around the world. With a dedicated section for independent artists called “Lever” Digimilliennials is definitely a great place to send your press kit too! They already have a home for you! 


  • Lucid Lemons 

LL s a talent management and development company established in Lagos, Nigeria with the goal of identifying, overseeing, and nurturing a wide range of creative talents. Extremely active on socials Lucid Lemons IS ALL ABOUT MAKING THE CREATIVE PROCESS FUN AND REWARDING, they are a must-have on your PR list!

  • Break Room Africa 

The home of emerging African creatives, Break Room Africa is dedicated to supporting burgeoning artists around the African continent, known for spotlighting young new acts, Break Room Africa is the perfect place if you have a story to tell, they have an ear to listen and are willing to share!

  • NATIVE Mag 

With one of the largest audiences on this list, Native Mag might seem like a place for more established artists but do not despair they also have a category called “Under” for artists who create a buzz around themselves. If you take music seriously you should take your digital presence seriously, with the right marketing strategies one year from your release you can be featured on Native Mag if you own your story and curate it exceptionally!

We added an extra one because why not! 

  • Wesoko Afrika

We Soko Afrika is a pan-African platform celebrating art, culture, and the lives of Africans through music, food, and a plethora of other mediums. It is home to industry leaders and is not hyper-focused on mainstream acceptability. All you need is a compelling cohesive story and you will likely get a feature!

All in all, do not disqualify any magazine, because you don’t know who will like your sound. However, don’t just send the link to a song, send a press kit! Presentation matters! 

See you next time on For Independent Creatives.

Psst! Cool Stuff : Femme Magique by T’neeya


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Quick Questions with Alma Bronxi

– Oibiee

Alma Aboubakar Salum, alias Almah Bronxi, is a young entrepreneur in the entertainment industry who holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Tanzania’s Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam. She has worked with both national and international musicians, including, Patoranking (NG), Sauti Sol (KE), King98official (Zim), Maud Elka (Fr), Zlatan Ibile (NG), Barnaba (TZ), and Jux (TZ), to name a few.

With more than ten years of experience in the entertainment sector, she has a strong background in artist management, local and worldwide music distribution, media campaigns, and event planning, organizing, and coordination. Her professional career is a trip that she has traveled with passion, devotion, and hard work.

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Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To

Love is in the air, and we have a lineup to remind you that loving yourself is a must for loving others. This week’s edition serves as a reminder to love yourself by transporting you to the appropriate locations, providing you with the appropriate mantras, and establishing the appropriate tempo for you in our fast-paced society. Groovy and calming music, blending Amapiano, Fuji, Afrobeats, and Afro-fusion.

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Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To


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Psst! Cool Stuff: 7 African Songs To Listen To


This edition of cool stuff places special focus on sounds Africa has been fusing into dance floors. We all witnessed the buzz of Amapiano, captivating drums so hard to resist even after almost two years of holding our speakers hostage. This year also saw the blossoming of electronic dance and deep house music on the dance floor and at raves. 

Now imagine the fusion of Afro-house and Afro Techno music, the Amapiano drums, and its spiritual and liberating groove with the deep effects of Electronic dance music. A no-brainer right? Well, it’s already happening and we’ve curated these sounds, especially for you so crack open that prosecco and take off your shoes.

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