Just a talented Boyfriend, Ckay sang his way to our hearts.


I spoke to our boyfriend. Well, not literally but yeah (lol)…

I’d listened to the ‘Boyfriend’ EP and watched reactions on social media, taking in how Ckay won and melted the hearts of so many with this project, I wanted to find out what it was like for him putting it all together, so I asked. We are here because Ckay was graceful enough to share a glimpse of his process creating this work of art that emanates from his own reality. He calmly answers every question, his voice even more heartwarming as he speaks, piecing together his words in ways that make you feel as though you were listening to your actual boyfriend tell you about his day.

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What 2020 Dragged in: The 1111 Project

– Titilope Adesanya

The first month of 2021 is crawling to an end, and I find myself thinking of all that the previous year brought my way. Our way. So much music, pain, tiktok challenges, conspiracy theories, loads of ‘how to’ videos, virtual shows, IG Lives, and of course the protests and awakenings, the list is endless…of all of this, the new dimension of reality that was so graciously dragged in by 2020 in the final weeks of December, in the form of ‘The 1111 Project’ is one for the books!

Strolling on these IG streets as one does on a random Tuesday, I see this video [below] on a friends page. I take a look, two looks, a third one and my mind is in a wow state, few clicks, and I am in Oladapo’s DMs, few hours and a couple exchanges later, I have an appointment for 2pm the next day.

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African Female Lyricists You Should Listen To

– Lammy

Young African women are no longer scared of being themselves unashamedly and living life on their own terms. Rap is a channel of expression for some to speak their truth, self-reflect, and reclaim their identities.

African hip-hop is evolving and despite being dominated by male rappers, there are a number of female rappers holding it down, so I made a list of some African female rappers I think deserve the same level of recognition as their male counterparts.

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