RIMON Sheds Digital Tears On Socio-Conscious EP


These days, we find ourselves entrenched in the terrifying reality of our giddy obsessions with the digital world—the liminality of our physical disconnect from the real world. Eritrea-born RIMON explores the matrix surrounding human behavior and social media idée fixe in relation to our reliance on technology on her third EP; Digital Tears.

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Phaeway; A written reaction!


Hear me out, no, hear him out. Follow the music, there’s a storyline. Am I overthinking it? I don’t think so. I think there’s a storyline. Okay let’s imagine Phaemous’ recently released debut EP ‘PHÆWAY Vol. 1’ was a storybook, or a movie script and we are reacting to each chapter out loud. Well, I am. Just follow the storyline. Some of you might relate because the project explores the realities of young people in relationships these days. 

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Tobe Nwigwe’s Cincoriginals ….


I had watched Tobe’s Instagram posts and admired his art since I discovered him a few months ago, but I hadn’t properly reflected on how much his art speaks to our reality as Black people. This past year has been a long one; fighting for ourselves and our freedom as Black People against police brutality and impunity across the world, and with the emotional and mental wounds from the aftermath of the EndSARS protests in October still fresh in my head, I immediately decided to write a piece about the Houston-based rapper when he posted the video for WILDINGS featuring Olu of Earthgang + Duckwrth on Instagram. Little did I know that he had an impressive album lined up for roll-out. He got lyrical heavyweights like K.R.I.T, D Smoke, Royce Da 5’9, Trae the Truth and others to work with him on the album which is saturated with witty punchlines, sick flows and unusual beats. He delivers smoothly his bars which express the experiences and pain of Black people and our painful history and reality. It’s about to be a long one! But I really have to pick every song apart, because it is a thoroughly enjoyable album and I want a first listener to totally understand and reflect on each song that they find most relatable.

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TOBi Is In His Elements With Unapologetic Soul Music In New Album


Burgeoning Nigerian, Canadian-based artist; TOBi released Elements Vol. 1, a solid mixtape series last month following the warm reception his debut album STILL has received from listeners. He explores and experiments effortlessly, bending genres like jazz, grime, afro-pop, hip-hop and R&B to produce an unapologetically soulful project. The project explores themes like Black Joy as an act of resistance in a fundamentally lop-sided society. He says ELEMENTS is not just ‘the album’, he sees it as his own Dedication (Lil Wayne’s) series as he plans to keep ELEMENTS alive for years to come. TOBi creates his own sound by blending everything he listens to, and drawing inspiration from reading dub poetry to create soulful sounds.

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YP & Azanti – A Neo Soul R&B/Trap Fusion


Few weeks to the most lively and busy month of the year, you would think that all the ‘songs of the year’ should have dropped months ago and we would just be waiting to turn up to them. Buuuuuut!!! Nigerian artistes have chosen not to let our ears rest. It’s been raining good music even up until November with so many amazing projects being released that if music was alcohol, we would all be drunk to stupor. Our favorites at Apex Village have also joined the long list of super talented artistes that have contributed to the heavy showers of good music on the Nigerian music scene. Newly signed act, Azanti—who is a singer, songwriter and producer—has teamed up with Psycho YP to release what I find to be an amazing Joint EP titled YP & Azanti Vol. 1. Judging by the title, I’ll say we would be getting more projects like this going forward. 

Azanti teams up with Psycho YP to release joint EP

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Let Me Tell You Of A Tugela Fairy…

– Ntokozo Botjie


Let me start in the corniest way possible; it was Thursday the 15th of November just after 5pm CAT, she walked through the doors at Trans Africa Radio where I work as a Radio Host & all round superman. I had finally reached the end of the road, it had been months of sliding into her DMs trying to arrange an interview and here she was in the flesh. I was ecstatic!

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Collect Your Feelings, put it in a collage. ‘Collage Collection’ by Mich Straaw

– Titilope Adesanya

Did you know, if you collect your thoughts and emotions and make a collage out of it, the soundtrack would be Mich Straaw‘s debut EP, ‘Collage Collection‘?

7 pieces make up this collection of love in all its many forms. With a production so laid back but still groovy; it perfectly represents the daydreaming, loneliness, neo craziness, patience, persistence, frustration, joy and sincerity it takes to bare ones being to another in the name of love.

Mich Straaw’s use of pidgin English is something that might miss you all too easily – in the roughly 30 mins it will take you to bask in this project. Mostly because he’s very subtle about it and almost cunningly blends it with common English and as such it doesn’t stand out for the untrained ear.

The reoccurring sexiness in Come Again is a Long Way from being enough to show you just how much romance novels Mich must have read growing up. He follows this with Ctrl which speaks to how powerless we can all get when the right person pushes all the right buttons. and while the goal is typically to rise after you fall, I know a few too many people who would be keen on staying Fallen if surrounded by such sweet talking. The sincerity in this project is yours to discover in all its Fine lines, so find your favourite streaming platform and dive into your feelings.