Psst! New Stuff: Artistes You Should Listen To


Into an ocean of defiance filled with pleasant melodies and bold statements that characterize the new generation of Afrobeats, we have dug deep to handpick some of the best new music from across the continent that you should get familiar with. 

Little Simz – Point and Kill ft Obongjayar (NG)

Influenced by Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat and blending Afro elements with retro funk, Little Simz features Nigerian sensation Obongjayar on Point and Kill. The polyrhythmic record mirrors the resolute and defiant nature of the typical Nigerian youth with both artists exuding self-assurance and confidence, and paying no mind to hearsay. The video for the song, -shot by Ebenzer Blanche with stand out art direction by Ayo Lawson, is filled with compelling imagery of Lagos and the New Afrika Shrine. Point and Kill is a single off her fourth studio album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’.

Cina Soul – Feelings ft KiDi (GH)

Ghanaian singer Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome aka Cina Soul on the KiDi-assisted Feelings is all melodic chants and dreamy expressions of emotions. Feelings is the lead single ahead of her forthcoming EP set for release sometime this September. In soulful fervor and a groovy meld of energies, the artistes express their emotions to their lovers.

Ykb – Before I Blow EP (NG)

Burgeoning Nigerian musician YKB makes a bold statement with the release of ‘Before I Blow’ EP, a project billed to mark the beginning of his catalytic takeover in the music industry. While ‘Wake up’ is a call to action for himself and people who daydream and wait on results without putting in work, he echoes the demands of a young creative on ‘Oshofree’, asking to be paid what he’s worth. He is self-assured on ‘One Day’, weaving a story of what he foresees for his future. A peep into his musical vanguard on ‘Okukupay’ and ‘Bolatito’ confirms that YKB is poised for the next phase of his career and he’s ready to take us on a joyride immersed in dazzling sonic palettes.

Nviiri The Storyteller – Falling ft KiDi (KE)

Amidst several beautiful melodies out of Kenya, Nviiri’s ‘Falling’ is an instant earworm and heartwarming number. He features Ghana’s KiDi as they both go on a quest to piece their emotions together. 

Fik Fameica – Happy Gang ft Slick Stuart x Dj Roja (UG)

Ugandan Rapper Fik Fameica connects with Slick Stuart & DJ Roja on this Amapiano anthem to deliver a party starter! Zero worries, zero stress, just laughter, good vibes and groovy tunes on this side. Life is already hard enough. Just dance!

Moonchild Sanelly – Undumpable (SA)

In a new two-single pack, South Africa’s Moonchild Sanelly presents ‘Undumpable’ and ‘Jiva Juluka’. ‘Undumpable’ is a fiery refusal to let things go and demand for mending in a relationship that was strained during the lockdown while ‘Jiva Juluka’ is an Afro House song perfect for summer raves and fun times.

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Let Me Tell You Of A Tugela Fairy…

– Ntokozo Botjie


Let me start in the corniest way possible; it was Thursday the 15th of November just after 5pm CAT, she walked through the doors at Trans Africa Radio where I work as a Radio Host & all round superman. I had finally reached the end of the road, it had been months of sliding into her DMs trying to arrange an interview and here she was in the flesh. I was ecstatic!

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Collect Your Feelings, put it in a collage. ‘Collage Collection’ by Mich Straaw

– Titilope Adesanya

Did you know, if you collect your thoughts and emotions and make a collage out of it, the soundtrack would be Mich Straaw‘s debut EP, ‘Collage Collection‘?

7 pieces make up this collection of love in all its many forms. With a production so laid back but still groovy; it perfectly represents the daydreaming, loneliness, neo craziness, patience, persistence, frustration, joy and sincerity it takes to bare ones being to another in the name of love.

Mich Straaw’s use of pidgin English is something that might miss you all too easily – in the roughly 30 mins it will take you to bask in this project. Mostly because he’s very subtle about it and almost cunningly blends it with common English and as such it doesn’t stand out for the untrained ear.

The reoccurring sexiness in Come Again is a Long Way from being enough to show you just how much romance novels Mich must have read growing up. He follows this with Ctrl which speaks to how powerless we can all get when the right person pushes all the right buttons. and while the goal is typically to rise after you fall, I know a few too many people who would be keen on staying Fallen if surrounded by such sweet talking. The sincerity in this project is yours to discover in all its Fine lines, so find your favourite streaming platform and dive into your feelings.

About 30. The story continues…17, 18…

– Titilope Adesanya

Let me mini break it down…

Pray for blessings, talk a little sexy, celebrate life, love, lament the painful experiences, blow the cash out the water when you get a chance and then ask your maker for some more to be planted right in your backyard, talk real life issues and hope someone remembers, reflect on the quite familiar and all too often depressing feeling of being alone in a crowded place, celebrate your Queen Mother; because every day is mothers day. Then celebrate your spirituality through the wonders of creation giving life to an undeniable proof that God exists, reminisce about the good old days when life was simpler, then go right back to the blessings that overflow in your life but you’ve all the while not seen it because you spend oh too many nights thinking of the neighbours green lawn. And finally? profess your love that will always stay loyal and on call.


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