Just a talented Boyfriend, Ckay sang his way to our hearts.


I spoke to our boyfriend. Well, not literally but yeah (lol)…

I’d listened to the ‘Boyfriend’ EP and watched reactions on social media, taking in how Ckay won and melted the hearts of so many with this project, I wanted to find out what it was like for him putting it all together, so I asked. We are here because Ckay was graceful enough to share a glimpse of his process creating this work of art that emanates from his own reality. He calmly answers every question, his voice even more heartwarming as he speaks, piecing together his words in ways that make you feel as though you were listening to your actual boyfriend tell you about his day.

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Psst! New Stuff #4 ft. Ajebo Hustlers, CKay, Jux, Teni and more…


On this week’s edition of Psst! New Stuff, we’ve got fresh music and sick collaborations from Across the continent. Our Top Picks are highlighted below.

Ajebo Hustlers – Pronto ft. Omah Lay (NG)

This is probably one of the sickest collaborations to hit the Nigerian music scene right now. The strings at the beginning of the song, the hook, the flow, everything just feels right. Omah Lay should be added to the list of Nigeria’s national treasures, please.


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Ready? Pass the aux, play! The We Soko Aux #2

Titilope Adesanya

The phrase Africa To The World always comes across to me like we are trying to educate everyone about what treasures we have hidden in our cords. Everyone but ourselves.

We erroneously count ourselves out of this ‘world’ yet we are the most important audience.

You can’t convince anyone of how great you are if you don’t think so yourself. So, count your colleague in as part of this ‘world’ your sister, hell your ex even and send them a link to something you think they need to see.

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