RIMON Sheds Digital Tears On Socio-Conscious EP


These days, we find ourselves entrenched in the terrifying reality of our giddy obsessions with the digital world—the liminality of our physical disconnect from the real world. Eritrea-born RIMON explores the matrix surrounding human behavior and social media idée fixe in relation to our reliance on technology on her third EP; Digital Tears.

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Ready? Pass the aux, play! The We Soko Aux #2

Titilope Adesanya

The phrase Africa To The World always comes across to me like we are trying to educate everyone about what treasures we have hidden in our cords. Everyone but ourselves.

We erroneously count ourselves out of this ‘world’ yet we are the most important audience.

You can’t convince anyone of how great you are if you don’t think so yourself. So, count your colleague in as part of this ‘world’ your sister, hell your ex even and send them a link to something you think they need to see.

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