Collect Your Feelings, put it in a collage. ‘Collage Collection’ by Mich Straaw

– Titilope Adesanya

Did you know, if you collect your thoughts and emotions and make a collage out of it, the soundtrack would be Mich Straaw‘s debut EP, ‘Collage Collection‘?

7 pieces make up this collection of love in all its many forms. With a production so laid back but still groovy; it perfectly represents the daydreaming, loneliness, neo craziness, patience, persistence, frustration, joy and sincerity it takes to bare ones being to another in the name of love.

Mich Straaw’s use of pidgin English is something that might miss you all too easily – in the roughly 30 mins it will take you to bask in this project. Mostly because he’s very subtle about it and almost cunningly blends it with common English and as such it doesn’t stand out for the untrained ear.

The reoccurring sexiness in Come Again is a Long Way from being enough to show you just how much romance novels Mich must have read growing up. He follows this with Ctrl which speaks to how powerless we can all get when the right person pushes all the right buttons. and while the goal is typically to rise after you fall, I know a few too many people who would be keen on staying Fallen if surrounded by such sweet talking. The sincerity in this project is yours to discover in all its Fine lines, so find your favourite streaming platform and dive into your feelings.

Don’t be a prude. Listen to ‘Prood’

– Titilope Adesanya

We could try writing something really deep and profound about this, but perhaps we do less convincing and simply ask you to give this 4mins:32 seconds of pure joy, time to seduce you.

However, because love is not ‘blind’ or dumb, we think it right to give you a heads up that Michstraaw can be addictive as he’s proven with singles like Collect, Yours Sincerely and Come Again, amongst others.

The Nigerian alternative (up for discussion) musician doesn’t come across as ‘Prood‘ and has found more ways than one to subtly seduce his audience with his words, flow and dare we say, looks?

Michstraaw has and continues to use his music to speak his reality. One might say that in that reality is a lot of feels…


Before you make up your mind or change it on us,  let the other songs from Mich play on…there can be NO REGRETS.