Psst! New Stuff: Artistes You Should Listen To Vol.8

– Uzi

For our first collection of new stuff from some dope African acts to listen to this year, we’ve carefully curated some fresh sounds that could very easily last decades on your playlist, selected from different genres of music, we’ve got a variety of flavours to serve you one super platter of a magnificent dish. Bon apetit!

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Let Me Tell You Of A Tugela Fairy…

– Ntokozo Botjie


Let me start in the corniest way possible; it was Thursday the 15th of November just after 5pm CAT, she walked through the doors at Trans Africa Radio where I work as a Radio Host & all round superman. I had finally reached the end of the road, it had been months of sliding into her DMs trying to arrange an interview and here she was in the flesh. I was ecstatic!

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