Psst! New Stuff #3 ft. KiDi, Joeboy, Terri, Rayvanny, and more..

– Lammy

Look around you. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you hear? It’s new music babyyyyy! We launched a new Apple Music Playlist few weeks ago, because we love you and we want you to have first hand updates on some of the beautiful gems to come out of Africa. On this week’s edition, Our Top Picks from all the fresh African music are highlighted below.

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YP & Azanti – A Neo Soul R&B/Trap Fusion


Few weeks to the most lively and busy month of the year, you would think that all the ‘songs of the year’ should have dropped months ago and we would just be waiting to turn up to them. Buuuuuut!!! Nigerian artistes have chosen not to let our ears rest. It’s been raining good music even up until November with so many amazing projects being released that if music was alcohol, we would all be drunk to stupor. Our favorites at Apex Village have also joined the long list of super talented artistes that have contributed to the heavy showers of good music on the Nigerian music scene. Newly signed act, Azanti—who is a singer, songwriter and producer—has teamed up with Psycho YP to release what I find to be an amazing Joint EP titled YP & Azanti Vol. 1. Judging by the title, I’ll say we would be getting more projects like this going forward. 

Azanti teams up with Psycho YP to release joint EP

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